Julie Dawson Handheld Luxury Bags 

Uniquely Handcrafted handbags designed by Julie Dawson for Heirloom Possum NZ,
using top quality Leathers, Possum Fur, Paua Shell and Oilskin fabrics.


     Handheld Luxury for all occasions ... and those in the photos above, can be made to order,
as long as seasonal materials are available. Please feel free to contact us.

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Heirloom Weavers NZ 

We are delighted to introduce and offer to our customers, this gorgeous range of handbags and accessories from 'The High Country Range' by Julie Dawson have been handcrafted and designed with materials such as high grade leathers, possum, paua shell and oilskin fabrics, giving a naturally rural New Zealand influence. Qualified in Fashion and Design Julie has won serveral New Zeland awards and invests her best skills and craftmanship in every individual accessory. Born and raised into a fourth generation wool farming family in New Zealand, Julie from an early age learnt the art of craft and design and how nature influences both.  Appreciating nature's beautiful offerings and the need to keep a natural balance to the land and wildlife. Ecologically responsible at Julie Dawson Ltd, their prime belief is in the importance of uniting to preserve the health of the Earth. Keeping a natural balance to the flora an fauna of New Zealand. Julie Dawson Ltd takes great pride in knowing that no animal is culled for the intention of being used as a medium for our products. Only the very best of furs from the wild fur industry and furs derived from the casusalties of nature used by us. 

Julie E Dawson 
Master Craftsman & Designer
Founder and CEO of Julie Dawson Ltd. Christchurch New Zealand.

Julie Dawson Ltd is a member of the (BFTA) Labeling Scheme, this confirms that each accessory that has a fur component will be accurately labelled to the BFTA Labelling Scheme and Guidelines and the Italian Standard UNI 11007-Requirements and indications for Labelling Fur Goods.
Member of Campaign for Wool.



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