Heirloom Gift Voucher

Heirloom Gift Voucher

Heirloom Gift Voucher


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Heirloom Weavers NZ ~ Gift Vouchers

Looking for a Special Gift and can't decide what to send..

We have the solution, Just purchase one or more of our vouchers and let your giftee enjoy looking through our great selection of luxurious goodies, which we think is half the fun!

On purchasing the voucher, we will send you a special voucher no. for redemption. When choosing a postal option go to the bottom of the list where you find the Online option or the postal option. Gift Vouchers range fromn $50 to $900 NZD and you can choose from the dropdown below. 

Also we have free gift wrap and a card if you'd like to add a personal message when you giftee redeems theie voucher. 

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