Masterweave Textiles Windermere Mohair Collection

Silky Soft Mohair Throw Blankets in a 40 Colour choice

The Masterweave Winderemere Mohair Bed Throw & Travel Blanket Collection are wonderfully light with 40 gorgeous colours to choose from. Unlike sheeps wool, mohair is a smooth fibre and doesn't have scales, therefor has a much lower rate of odour absorption unlike most other wool fabrics. The Winderemere selection of silky soft Mohair Blanket Throws, Scarves and Knee rugs will give a wonderfull splash of colour and warmth to any home interior decor. Fast International shipping to Australia and USA. 


Made here in New Zealand and enjoyed around the world.  

   Masterweave ~ was commissioned by Peter Jackson, director of Lord of The Rings movie trilogy 
to develop fabrics that could accommodate the special effects used in the films. These fabrics were used on the costumes of the Oscar winning movies. In addition to receiving an Industry New Zealand Enterprise award for business innovation, Masterweave was commissioned to weave bench blankets for the All Blacks, New Zealand's rugby team. Masterweave were among the early pioneers in New Zealand to farm luxury fibre such as fine kid mohair from Angora goats, Cashgora, Cashmere and with the most recent addition to their range in Alpaca wool products. 

Mohair Throw Measurements ~ 185cm x 130cm

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We ship to:

New Zealand, Australia, USA, Singapore and Japan


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