ALPACA BLANKET Queensize 220 x 250cm

ALPACA BLANKET Queensize 220 x 250cm

ALPACA BLANKET Queensize 220 x 250cm

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Heirloom Weavers Large Cream Alpaca Queensize Blankets in Standard Weight. 
These are only for shipping to New Zealand and Australia only. All others please contact us first.

A great alround size blanket or bedspread shown sitting on a Queensize bed, measures 220 x 250cm, (approx 86'6" x 98'42"), 
with a fine plaited satin ribbon detail running across under the pillow end of the bed or you can have it running across the end of the bed if preferred.

Gorgeous soft and thermal properties of alpaca blankets that breathe while giving you a wonderful cosy nights sleep! 

The Alpaca is one of the most adored animals on lifestyle blocks and farms all over New Zealand and around the world. Fine silky soft wool is used to create wonderful Blankets & Throws loved by all. 

Fast shipping to New Zealand, Australia & USA only (UK & EU excluded due to high customs and shipping costs)

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1/ Fill your automatic toploader washing machine or tub with warm water; 
but don't use the machine to wash, Hand Wash only
 If you don't have a topload, wash in basin, 
bucket or tub and gently hand squeeze the water out. 

2/ Put in 1 small tsp of Softly or any other liquid soap for woolens. 
3/ Soak blanket for about 5 minutes. 
4/ Swish blanket with hands for a minute or so in the water. 

5/ Spin on slow till you can hear the water has stopped coming out. 
6/ Stop the spin manually and hang full length on the line till dry. 

** Stopping the spin just helps prevent creasing ** 
( Don't hang on the line if the water hasn't been spun out. Instead layout flat on towels ) 

7/ If you follow these instructions you will not need to rinse further. 
8/ We feel it's safer not to dryclean. Drycleaners don't always no what to do with 
mohair blankets and may shrink them. (But if you do be sure to check with them first just in case)

9/ If you handwash; Don't oversoap or machine agitate. 
If you have any worries phone us on New Zealand +64 6 8683365