MOHAIR BLANKET 1.8x1.9m or 72 x 72"

MOHAIR BLANKET 1.8x1.9m or 72 x 72

MOHAIR BLANKET 1.8x1.9m or 72 x 72"

Code: NB121

Mohair Queensize throw blankets now available, suitable for double or Queen size beds..
NZ$ 427.00
NZ$ 32.00 (a 7% discount)
NZ$ 395.00 excluding GST

Heirloom Weavers NZ ~ Soft Mohair Blankets in Standard Weight 
A great alround size blanket measuring 180 x 190cm (approx 72" x 72") plus fringing, 
with a fine ribbon running across under the pillow end of the bed or 
you can have it running across the end of the bed if preferred. Shown in the photos.

 This Mohair Blanket size is available in several colour options. 
This size fits very nicely over the top of a Queensize Bed with approx 12cm (10") overhang
but for those who still have a double bed or a king single, this size could suit you also. 

The photo above is shown on a Queensize bed. 

Gorgeous soft and thermal properties of mohair blankets that breathe while giving you a wonderful cosy nights sleep! 
Mohair doesn't absorb odors like wool does so it keeps smelling lovely and clean and rarely needs washing. 

with shipping to New Zealand & Australia only. 

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